Therm-O-Flow 20

Bulk Hot Melt System For hot melt sealants and adhesives in 20 liter (5-gal) pails

The Therm-O-Flow 20 is an industrial hot melt system that is perfect for applications in low and high flow settings. It offers improved production throughput, better process monitoring and reliable, efficient operation.


Improve process efficiency

  • Keep your production running with automatic electric crossover when using tandem units

Improve production capability 

  • Smaller footprint lets you place unit near the application
  • Capable of melt rates up to 1.3 lb/min.

Reduce energy costs 

  • Inactivity shutoff and temperature setback reduces energy costs 

Support factory environmental initiatives

  • Graco NXT Air Motors operate around 87 decibels while other comparable motors operate up to 103 decibels

Intuitive, easy to use controls

  • Displays actual and set point temperatures for up to 12 zones per unit
  • Material tracking and machine diagnostics can be downloaded to USB
  • Provides programmable preventative maintenance schedules
  • Languages supported: English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Korean

Merkur & NXT Air Motor Technology

  • Provides quiet, reliabile, efficient operation
  • Proven Graco technology